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Canine Massage Therapy Course - Level I

Dogs are cherished members of our family and pet parents have become increasingly interested in using holistic therapies such as Canine Massage to complement Veterinary care for treating common injuries and conditions. Massage can be used as part of an overall prevention, wellness and fitness strategy or to help your dog recover from a particular illness or injury and has its place in all stages of a dogs’ life.

The Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy Canine Massage Therapy Level I Course is suitable for dog owners and dog lovers who have either no massage experience or knowledge of anatomy or have a basic knowledge and skill set. You will be certified to practice Canine Massage Therapy (please check your individual province or state) in Ontario or simply equip you with life long skills to increase the health and well being of your dog. This course is a prerequisite for our more advanced Level II Canine Massage Therapy Course for those interested in further studies, but not necessary to practice.

The Canine Massage Therapy Course Level I allows participants to learn such topics as the general principles of massage, basic techniques, benefits of massage, basic animal anatomy and physiology, behavioural issues and common pathologies. Topics covered include:

  • Animal handling: behaviour, communication and psychology.
  • Physiological and psychological benefits of massage and contra-indications against massage.
  • Kinesiology: how a dog moves.
  • Soothing relaxation massage techniques and movements for dogs.
  • Massage for certain dog breeds and its use in alleviating common conditions and injuries.
  • The Appointment, protocol, scope of practice, note taking and forms.
  • How to market your skill: starting you own canine massage business.
Canine Massage Therapy Course

Are you thinking about starting your own canine massage business practice?

Would you like to gain canine massage skills to complement your existing business and skill set?

Do you want to learn to massage your own canine companion for relaxation and well being?

The Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy's Canine Massage Therapy Course is for you!

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